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How to view hidden data on Submissions

  • 1.  How to view hidden data on Submissions

    Posted 06-01-2023 11:47
    Edited by Pat Cooney 06-01-2023 14:00

    Recently a customer was asking how they could view hidden answers via the built in Submission analytics features in the ProntoForms web portal so they did not have to export the submission data to CSV each time during testing to check the value.

    The customer had applied the "Hidden on Device" and "Hidden on Reports" question restrictions on the Question in the Form Builder.

    "Hidden on Reports" essentially means, hide this Question and Answer on any, and all documents (PDF, WORD, JSON, XML etc.) which includes viewing the Submission Data in the ProntoForms Data & Analytics features.

    The reason it shows up in the CSV export is a CSV Export is the export of all data submitted to the server but the "Hidden on Documents" Restriction hides the data for outputs.

    The way to accomplish this customers requirement is to deselect the "Hidden on Reports" option and use the Documents properties to hide the answer on the Document which will allow you to still see it within Data & Analytics.


    1) On the existing question, DESELECT the "Hidden on reports" option. Save and Deploy.

    2. On the document, select "Update"

    3. On the "Question Filtering" tab, under "Questions to Include in the document", select the "Hide selected questions, include all others" option.

    4. In the text area under "Questions to hide" enter the "Unique Identifier for Question" for the question, in my example the Unique Identifier is "HiddenQuestion".
    …and Select the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.


    As you can see, my example question, "This is a hidden question" only has the "Hidden on device" restriction applied.

    You can see the Question and Answer in Data & Analytics

    ….but the hidden question does not appear in the document output…

    To learn more on this topic, refer to the following Product document in our Documentation Portal.

    Feel free to comment or post your own tip on any ProntoForm topic or feature.

    Stu Rathbone
    Director - Support & Enablement

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