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  • 1.  Ian's Insights Ep. 10: The importance of a proper Form Submission Name

    Posted 07-20-2022 10:00
    This topic comes from a less "automated" topic but will help you greatly in the long run if you aren’t already doing so. Creating a clear and concise form submission name can help you keep track of things internally.

    You can use the Form Submission Name for things like filenames and email subject lines so at the end, you will have a submission, a file and an email all with the same contents.

    Our documentation portal provides some great examples on how to structure this name and some reasons why you should be doing this:


    Once you have your form submission name set up as you want, including some specific information to make searching easy, you can use the DREL expression ‘%r[name]’ to reference the same name.

    Consider adding answers from your form to this name. Things like Work Order #, location, customer name, or the person performing the tasks are all good examples of items to include in your form submission name.

    Some additional reasons why it’s a good idea to keep this consistent across all deliverables is that it will make it easier for users to report an issue back to you because it will be the same name that they will see in the app, in the end making your life a little bit easier. It will also allow you to filter down the submissions in the live portal based on a specific data point (like location)

    What is a less used DREL reference that you are using in your form/workflows? Is there anything that you wish that you could pull out using DREL that is currently not available? Let us know!

    Ian Chamberlain
    Solutions Architect

  • 2.  RE: Ian's Insights Ep. 10: The importance of a proper Form Submission Name

    Posted 07-21-2022 09:25
    This is super cool Ian, and I will definitely be putting this into practice :)

    We use DREL in record naming for every form, usually referencing questions like work order number, account name, user, or date with a custom would be a time saver if there was an account team setting where I could tell it how I always want %d formatted since this is something I have to remember to change every time: %d[MM/dd/YYYY]

    Lisa Zido
    Technical Systems Analyst
    GOJO Industries Inc.

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