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  • 1.  Spotlight: User Management, Groups, & Permissions

    Posted 06-07-2023 13:06
    Edited by Pat Cooney 02-06-2024 11:55

    Depending on the size and scale of your organization, managing groups, permissions, and data access can be a very complex task. There are many different ways to provision your users, groups, formspaces, and permissions to ensure that your team has the correct access level to fulfill their duties in ProntoForms while meeting internal compliance requirements. 

    In this post we'll provide an overview of Users and Groups as well as Permissions. 

    Users and Groups

    User Profile

    Pronto Users can manage and administer their own accounts in the ProntoForms web portal. The User Profile settings affect anything from what language the web portal is displayed in, to what forms the user has access to.

    User Roles

    The user's role controls their access to the product, and is initially set when creating a user, and can be adjusted in the User Profile. There are 3 User Roles available:

    •  Mobile-Only User:

    Many frontline workers only use the ProntoForms mobile app and don't need to see the web portal's framework. The Mobile-Only User is a common role for these frontline workers, where they only use the web portal to set their password.

      • Mobile-only users can submit forms from their mobile devices.

      • Can change their own password from the web portal, but have no other access to administration tools.

      • Can change their own password from the web portal, but have no other access to administration tools.

    • User:

    Users have a little bit more flexibility than the Mobile-Only users: their permissions can be set so that they can build forms in particular formspaces (using FormSpace permissions), or various other things described below.

      • As with a Mobile-Only user, a User can submit forms from mobile devices, but they can also log into the portal to view their submitted forms.  They will see their own submitted data.

      • With FormSpace Permissions configured, Users can also view and modify other users' submissions, and edit forms, destinations, and data sources in specific FormSpaces.

      • Can change their own password from the web portal.

    • Admin:

    Admins have the most power over a team: they are the highest level of access to a ProntoForms team.

      • Can view form submissions from all users on their team from the web portal.

      • Can create/edit/delete forms from the web portal.

      • Can manage all Forms, FormSpaces, Users, Groups, and Data in their team from the web portal.

      • Can set security restrictions, such as requiring the team to use Corporate Login (Single Sign-On).

      • Can set password requirements, and expire all existing passwords to force password changes.

    Managing Groups

    ProntoForms users must be assigned to groups in order to have access to forms. Forms and permissions are assigned at the group level, rather than on a per user basis. On their mobile devices, users can only access forms (and use the associated data sources, resources, and destinations) that their group is assigned to.


    User Permissions

    User Permissions can allow regular Users limited administrative access to the FormSpaces their group is assigned to. This differs from regular Admin users, who have access to every FormSpace on a team. These permissions are used far less often than FormSpace Permissions, and should be applied selectively. 

    User permissions are applied at the user level, not the group level. Below are 2 types of User Permissions: 

    • Group Admin:

    This permission allows a regular User access to administer group memberships and user permissions for their group, but they cannot change FormSpace assignments and permissions.

    • Form Submission Listener:

    This permission allows a User to receive email copies of all form submissions (submitted by users in the group) that pass through an email data destination with the "Send email to the users with 'Form Submission Listener' checked in the Form Submitter's groups" option turned on. This permission is typically used for a manager or supervisor.

    FormSpace Permissions

    FormSpace Permissions control the permissions that a group of users has in a particular FormSpace. These are primarily used to control what forms (and what state of form) users have access to on their mobile devices. Less commonly, FormSpace permissions are used to give Pronto Users some administrative access to a particular FormSpace in the web portal, without giving them full Pronto Admin access to all FormSpaces. 

    Four different permissions can be applied at the group level: Can TestCan SubmitCan View and Can Create.

    Combining Permissions

    • Different permissions can be combined for the same Group. For example, if Can Submit and Can Test permissions are configured for the same FormSpace, users will be able to access both Active and Draft forms in the FormSpace on their mobile devices. This permission is often configured for a group of users who are responsible for testing a new form version in Draft state, but may also need to submit production data against Active forms.

    • If a user is in more than one group, like a "Production Group" (with "Can Submit" permissions only) and a "Test Group" (with "Can Test" permissions only), permissions from both groups will apply to the user.

    For more information on how to manage users and permissions, click here. Do you have any tips when it comes to user and permission administration? Let us know in the comments below!  

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    Chris Darby
    Customer Success Manager, Team Lead

  • 2.  RE: Spotlight: User Management, Groups, & Permissions

    Posted 06-08-2023 07:53

    Another resource that you might find helpful is our at-a-glance view of how permissions work and the permissions required for each system component: Permissions Quick Reference (

    Karen Cann
    Senior Technical Writer

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