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Debunking SaaS Customer Support Myths - Episode 1 - How to assemble a shed

  • 1.  Debunking SaaS Customer Support Myths - Episode 1 - How to assemble a shed

    Posted 05-04-2023 20:30

    Have you ever tried to assemble a shed (or anything, really) and then kicked yourself for not reading the full set of instructions first? 

    Typically, the issues that come into ProntoForms Support are not resolved in a linear manner and our Support Analysts cannot follow a defined flow chart to resolution. It takes skill to interpret a customers explanation/description of the issue and either intimate knowledge of the product, or knowing who in our organization has that knowledge, to get issues resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

    When submitting a Support ticket to ProntoForms our team has the best chance of resolving your issue or answering your question if you provide enough context at the onset of the request. 

    This is where our Technical Support Handbook comes in. It has been created it to help set expectations and ensure our customers have the best experience possible when engaging with our Support Team. Customers are highly encouraged to at least skim it once, bookmark where it is and refer to it when needed. 

    Lastly, if your issue is more of a "How to", "what if", "can I..." or "I wonder if anyone else has…" type question, why ask one person, when you can ask hundreds? Use this Community to your advantage. The majority of ProntoForms employees and 100's (and I do mean 100's) of ProntoForms customers are members. The ProntoForms Community was built exactly for this purpose. 

    Feel free to ask anything, don't be shy, we don't bite (....well Pat does, but we bought him a muzzle, so you're safe.) 😄 

    The Technical Support Handbook can be found via a link in our Support Portal, but here is the direct URL to it. 

    Read the instruction manual before you assemble the shed, save time, get to your end result sooner. 

    Stu Rathbone
    Director - Support & Enablement

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