Tech Talk: Success

Tech Talk: Success are articles written by our Customer Success Managers. These articles are published on the second Thursday of each month.

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Tech Talk: Success

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    Let's talk about Workflows!   If you google "What is a workflow?" You end up with many definitions, all telling you it's something different. In the TrueContext ecosystem a workflow is a series of business processes that control the flow of data and information out to the field, support the method of capture of field data and finally control the flow of the data back into your internal systems.   As an industry leading field services app, our platform is perfect to address the unique challenges Read more

  • Conditional Logic allows forms to adapt dynamically based on user inputs, offering a personalized and intuitive experience. By presenting or hiding objects based on specific criteria, Conditional Logic streamlines the form-flow process, guiding users seamlessly through each step.  This article will offer insight into some of the best practices that Workflow Designers can employ when implementing business intelligence within the TrueContext platform. Whether you are a seasoned or novice designer, Read more

  • Each business is different, there are certain requirements that are needed for a business to operate optimally. Many customers utilize our custom documents to ensure their documents reflect their business and ensure it's a seamless experience for their customers. With custom documents, you'll be able to create your own branded documents tailored to your business requirements. We have self-service options that are currently available in our environments when it comes to creating custom documents. Read more

  • Hi everyone, My name is Chris Fraser and I'm an Enterprise Customer Success Manager here at TrueContext. Over the past 3 months I've been working on reviewing and improving our onboarding process. With focus primarily aimed internally to date, I'm now shifting gears to look externally at how our clients view onboarding. Today's post is all about feedback and I hope to hear from as many of you as possible with your experience deploying our platform as part of your business transformation projects. Read more

  • Support Information, including a web address, phone number and email address, can be found in the ProntoForms Settings on mobile devices. By default, this page displays the contact information for ProntoForms' technical support team.  As a best practice step, we strongly recommend customizing this detail to point your end users to your own corporate help desk. Once this is configured, the information will appear in the Settings of the ProntoForms application. Note: Support information can appear Read more

  • A Recap Of ProntoForms Resources


    In this post we wanted to highlight some of the ProntoForms resources available to you. If your company has ProntoForms already implemented but is new to you, or if your company is new to ProntoForms and you've been tasked with administering the system – this post is for you! ProntoForms University Login required (same login as ProntoForms Community) Self-paced learning with knowledge checks Familiarize yourself with the ProntoForms system and Basic Analytics through our learning paths Gain Read more

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    Depending on the size and scale of your organization, managing groups, permissions, and data access can be a very complex task. There are many different ways to provision your users, groups, formspaces, and permissions to ensure that your team has the correct access level to fulfill their duties in ProntoForms while meeting internal compliance requirements.  In this post we'll provide an overview of Users and Groups as well as Permissions.  Users and Groups User Profile Pronto Users can manage Read more

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    In this day and age, safety, security, and compliance are everything – especially as it relates to your data! Here at ProntoForms, this is always top of mind when it comes to features and functionality. Let's take a look at some of the different security features that you can implement to safeguard your data and that of your customers.  Account Level Security When it comes to maintaining security at the account level, here are a few tips to consider:  Configure a Password Policy Provide users Read more

  • By now you will most likely have already come across this functionality, but in case you haven't We have recently rolled out an integration with ServiceNow!  Our Customer Success team is regularly talking with our customers and learning about their use cases and business needs. It is not uncommon to hear that a top priority is to not only enhance the productivity of the field service worker, but to increase their satisfaction as well. Our new ServiceNow integration is a perfect way to meet these Read more

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    ProntoForms offers three levels of documents and customization: standard offering; self-service customization; and professional services customization. You can leverage our standard documents, which is beneficial as they do not require any customization and will accommodate most use cases. These documents will be included in your team and will allow for moderate customization. You can find out more about this option by navigating to the article from our knowledge base in the link below. Read more