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Tech Talk: Implementation

  • This is going to be the first step towards a larger picture that is Microsoft. Microsoft's Graph API opens the door to many of the M365 applications that we use daily. Whether it's Teams, your calendar, or Users, the Graph API gives you the ability to access all of these different apps using a single endpoint. The purpose of this is to review how to establish a connection from TrueContext to the Microsoft Graph API using an Entra App Registration for authentication. Take a look at the Graph API Read more

  • In this post, we are going to demonstrate how we can perform some automated tasks to an Excel Template Document that is generated from TrueContext, specifically, we will be dynamically renaming the tabs in a Workbook based on the data that is in each of the sheets. These scripts can be very powerful, and this example is just scratching the surface on how to get started.   Our Excel Template documents allow you to map out, cell by cell, which answer you want to put into which cell. This is a great Read more

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    A hot topic in recent days is how we can take all this data that is being captured within TrueContext, format it in a way that your backend systems understand and send all the data once a submission has taken place on the form. One of the more universal formats that most systems will be able to understand is JSON so that is where the focus is going to be today.  One of the document types available in TrueContext is a Handlebars document. Handlebars (often mistaken for the handlebars on your bicycle) Read more

  • Hey all!!  First things first, for those who have read an Ian's Insights in the past. I AM BACK! For those who haven't read or heard of Ian's Insights, it is nice to meet you! Going forward, we are going to change these types of posts from being Ian's Insights to IS Insights (Implementation Specialists Insights) because these are truly a team effort.  After a little time away, I have rejoined the TrueContext team as a Solutions Architect focusing heavily on integrating TrueContext into your Read more

  • In this post I'll be explaining how to dispatch submission data from a Repeatable Section in one form to a Repeatable Section in another form. To do this, I'll show you a workflow where a user can define a set of instructions or a checklist and then send that list to another user to complete. This workflow suits a use case where: There is a group of users that are consistently needing to define steps for another set of users The number of steps is not too large to reasonably enter one-by-one Read more

  • Hello to all my fellow community members! This post will be a slightly different style than normal, because it will unfortunately be the final episode of Ian’s Insights. It has been such a pleasure putting out these posts, part of the reason that I liked doing these is because these topics were always based on a problem that I was currently solving for a customer. I never let Pat know what I was going to write about until the article was posted (sorry Pat) and I really hope that these posts come Read more

  • This topic comes from a less "automated" topic but will help you greatly in the long run if you aren’t already doing so. Creating a clear and concise form submission name can help you keep track of things internally. You can use the Form Submission Name for things like filenames and email subject lines so at the end, you will have a submission, a file and an email all with the same contents. Our documentation portal provides some great examples on how to structure this name and some reasons why Read more

  • Lists and PowerBI - What to do with your data! Did you know that the PowerBI Desktop app is free in the Windows Store? Did you know that you can easily grab data from your Sharepoint List or Document Library and push it into PowerBI? Did you know that you can easily visualize your data that is collected with ProntoForms inside PowerBI and publish it to your users? All of this is possible and you likely already have access to all these features if you are using Microsoft for other aspects of your Read more

  • Power Automate - Pull in all forms into a MS List Something that I have been playing around with more and more is the ability to make API calls from Power Automate. Going to start off by saying that this solution is not scalable in any way shape or form but it is something that I found very cool as I was working on my day to day job. The fact is, that I make a lot of random forms that do a lot of random things while I am building forms for customers. Do this a couple 100 times and now you've got Read more

  • I have been on the Power Automate kick lately and it's been a very interesting journey so far to find all the different ways that Power Automate can help augment ProntoForms!! This one was inspired (as they mostly are) by a problem that was brought up to us when building out a form and destinations for a customer. There are times when you might need to write to a List but also use that same list as a data source for your forms. When writing multiselect data into a MS List (or any other destination) Read more