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  • Posted in: Best Practices

    Hi Peter, Pat is right on the money with viewing and re-executing past submissions within the LIVE web portal. As it comes up quite a bit, adding some notes here for allowing mobile users to re-submit, and also as admin, sending back for edit: ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    What is the real value that can be extracted from a field service technology solution?   TrueContext excels when it comes to p rovid ing field technicians with a robust method of completing their daily tasks . The tool helps ...

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    RE: Form submissions beyond 30 days

    Posted in: Best Practices

    Hi Peter, I can help you out with this. To view form submissions older than 30 days on the Form Submissions page you need to change your Search filter options, which default to showing you only the last 30 days. To do this click on the Search ...

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    RE: Announcing: Delete Multiple Form Elements

    Posted in: General Discussion

    Thank you for this new feature! I can't wait to use it. This will make form building much quicker :) ------------------------------ Lisa Zido Technical Systems Administrator GOJO Industries Inc. OH ------------------------------

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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Hi Community members! I'm excited to announce a new feature: while editing a form, you can now select several questions, sections or pages and delete them with a single action. With this feature, you should save time by not having to delete elements ...

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    Form submissions beyond 30 days

    Posted in: Best Practices

    Hello, Is it possible to view and resubmit form submissions beyond 30 days old? If yes, how do we do this? Regards, Peter ------------------------------ Peter Dienaar PF developer Johnson Controls ------------------------------

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    A common request that we see in Support is from customers asking how they can download documents from older form versions, older form submissions, or even archived forms. There are a few ways that this can be done, but likely the easiest would be to use ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Unlock the full potential of TrueContext! Our Onboarding Primer Webinar is your gateway to mastering our platform, ensuring you can build efficient workflows with confidence. Why Attend? Expert Guidance: Get a live tour from TrueContext experts, ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Hi Community Members, It is a best practice for all customers to subscribe to Service Alerts. This way you can instantly be notified of any planned (or unplanned) disruptions. From: https://status.truecontext.com/ ------------------------------ ...

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  • Posted in: Best Practices

    There is one other application of regular expressions in our system which has not been covered in this thread and I wanted to highlight. As with the previous commentary, regular expressions are used to match answers to a predefined pattern, which then ...

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