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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    A big thanks to everyone who joined us for the April 17 - ASK US EVERYTHING! webinar - the recording is now available: We had plenty of thought-provoking questions come through - here's a quick summary so you can jump ahead to particular ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Hey Alicia,  That is an awesome use case for this, would you mind sharing how you are handling that?  Are you sending the signature to a folder in OneDrive and then using the Office Script to pick it up from there and put it in your spreadsheet? I love ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Hello Ian, I'm already using this process in a workflow to insert signatures from a Customer Feedback form in an exel generated by a normal Form. It works great! Alicia ------------------------------ Alicia Rico CI Johnson Controls ---------- ...

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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    In this post, we are going to demonstrate how we can perform some automated tasks to an Excel Template Document that is generated from T rueContext , specifically, we will be dynamically renaming the tabs in a Workbook based on the data that ...

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    Reminder: Ask Us Everything this week!

    Posted in: General Discussion

    Join us this Wednesday, April 17th, at 11:00am EDT, for our next Ask Us Everything event. Do you need help with a particular form? Want to know how to use your TrueContext installation to its fullest potential? There are no topics off-limits, so ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    C onditional Logic allows forms to adapt dynamically based on user inputs, offering a personalized and intuitive experience. By presenting or hiding objects based on specific criteria, C onditional Logic streamlines the form-f low ...

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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Hi, Calvin -- Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you noticed the smoother and easier drag & drop functionality. I should create a post highlighting it! Indeed, this approach could work for adding sections and pages. We'll keep you and the community ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Hey Huberto, Just wanted to let you know that this is working great. You didn't mention it, but it's also much easier to drag and drop questions to reorder them now.  Now my question is.. when can we expect to be able to insert Sections anywhere in ...

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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Join us for our post eclipse cosmic journey through the TrueContext platform guided by our team of solution astronauts. No question is too "out of this world" for our panel of experts. So grab your mobile device and prepare for a celestial experience ...

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    RE: User Devices

    Posted in: New To TrueContext

    Hello Jason and Stephen, Thank you for your contribution to our Truecontext Community.  I am Rasangi from Truecontext Technical Support. I have a couple of comments regarding this device activation/removal topic you brought up.  What Stephen suggested ...

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