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Tech Talk: Support

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    TrueContext's Dispatch feature allows for a partially completed form to be directed to the mobile device of a specific user. This feature allows form administrators to fill out customer or job information (like a name, job site, address, and contact information) in a form and then send that form to a mobile user, providing them with essential information, and helping them arrive prepared for their next site visit. Bulk dispatching uses a TrueContext generated CSV template to allow administrators Read more

  • It might be the case that your organization follows a concrete data storage and processing policy to meet the data security aspects for your organization. This may require that form submission data collected by TrueContext is not stored or processed anywhere except in your organization's secure storage. To help organizations who need to follow a data security policy like this, TrueContext's Data Passthrough feature will allow your organization to securely store the data without TrueContext storing Read more

  • Your workers out in the field may not always be working in an area with a strong internet connection. In these situations the risk of forms failing to submit increases. Here are some best practices to share with your field workers to help ensure their forms get submitted successfully. Save a Draft While the TrueContext mobile app automatically saves your work as you fill out a form, it's important to note that this should not be considered a replacement to properly saving a draft of the form you Read more

  • Hi Community! In this week's post, I'd like to talk about an issue that, even though it's rare, could affect or disrupt the work in the field. Admins regularly update forms, Data Sources, and Data Destinations to meet their needs and/or keep the most up-to-date data in their users' hands. Those updates are usually pushed to the devices when the users open and reconcile the App. Sometimes, however, the synchronization process may get disrupted for various reasons; the most common being the lack Read more

  • If your users are using Android devices, and you have forms that are using the barcode scanner question type, you may run across an error trying to download the 3rd party barcode scanner app from Google Play depending on the region or version of Android your devices are using. If you are unable to download the 3rd party barcode scanner app from Google Play, you can use the barcode scanner functionality that is built-in in the ProntoForms (soon to be TrueContext) app.  Here are the instructions Read more

  • Our customers love using our Data Destinations to integrate the data collected through their forms with their back office and other administrative systems. Did you know that ProntoForms offers 13 different Data Destinations just for various cloud service integrations? That doesn't even include the other systems we can integrate with. A full list is available in our product documentation here: Read more

  • ProntoForms has an industry standard process available for any customer who encounters an Urgent issue during or outside of, normal business hours.   Log a Support Ticket and set the severity appropriately. Using any other method may not garner a response/resolution in a timely manner. We have Technical Support Analysts either on shift or on call, 24 x 7 x 365 for Severity 1 issues who can quickly diagnose your issue and if needed, engage the right resources.   I could list the steps to walk Read more

  • In Customer Support, we sometimes receive tickets about Salesforce errors appearing in Salesforce data destination executions. To resolve most errors, a combination of troubleshooting in both Salesforce and ProntoForms is required.  This is part 2 of this earlier Community post about the top 5 Salesforce errors and how to resolve them.    1. REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED  This error occurs when the number of API requests exceeds the limit set by Salesforce.   To resolve this error, reduce Read more

  • In Customer Support, we sometimes receive tickets about Salesforce errors appearing in Salesforce data destination executions. To resolve most errors, a combination of troubleshooting in both Salesforce and ProntoForms is required.  These are the top 5 most common Salesforce errors and how to troubleshoot them:  1. REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING  This error occurs when a Salesforce record is created without specifying a field required by the Salesforce object.   To resolve this error, ensure Read more

  • ProntoForms gives you control over the quality of images your field users submit.  The quality you choose is up to you and is likely determined by its intended use.  Is it to have a record of work completed just to have it on file, is it something you would provide to a customer or is it a situation where you need high quality images for detailed work, audit or compliance purposes?  This setting applies to Image or Sketch Pad Question Types.    If you choose one of the first three Read more