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Level 4 @ TrueContext University - - - - - - - - now live!!

  • 1.  Level 4 @ TrueContext University - - - - - - - - now live!!

    Posted 4 days ago
    Edited by Erika Lapenat 4 days ago

    Paging all Workflow Designers - - - - Level 4 in TrueContext University is now live!

    TrueContext University is your place to skill up on all things LIVE platform and web portal. The training is built for Workflow Designers of all stripes, of all tech comforts and of all backgrounds working with the TrueContext tools.

    The TCU content covers Levels 0 through 4, with Level 4 being our most advanced training yet, including:

    • Repeatable Sections - new formatting options, using the calculation feature for timesheets, invoices, complex inspections
    • New in-app features on columns and formatting
    • Extra practice in building workflows, with complex configurations like approvals, using SMS as a data destination 
    • Custom documents magic - whether through Professional Services or guidance on building your own with Handlebars or FreeMarker
    • Connections as live-updating gateways to SharePoint and Google Drive
    • A creative UUID and DREL use case

    To access the training, visit and log in with your TrueContext Community credentials.

    Encourage your teams to dig into training for more creative inspiration on building out your own workflows to accomplish the difficult work you're tasked with out in the world.

    In addition to online resources, we offer in-person training either remotely or on-site. Contact for more information.

    We are thrilled to offer this learning opportunity. Visit to customize your learning path at your own pace.

    Happy learning!

    Erika Lapenat
    Technical Content Developer
    TrueContext University

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