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More Languages, More Context: Multi-Language Improvements and Documents!

  • 1.  More Languages, More Context: Multi-Language Improvements and Documents!

    Posted 09-13-2023 13:02
    Edited by Erin Longhurst 10-17-2023 14:50

    With the initial release of our best-in-class Multi-Language add-on, we set the stage for creating a world where your field techs get all the context they need from forms requiring less maintenance and have fewer errors due to cross-language duplication.

    At our core, ProntoForms (soon to be TrueContext) isn't just a platform to get data to your field techs, but a complete solution for getting the information you want where you want it, and that's been our commitment to you since Day 1. In keeping with that, we've exciting new developments in the Multi-Language add-on to announce today:

    App-Based Improvements to Multi-Language

    Preferred Language Setting

    For field users who work in one language, or even change their working language infrequently, this setting will eliminate having to select the Form Language each time they open the form, saving them time and frustration. Once selected, this can be adjusted in the Advanced Settings of the app.

    This shows where in the ProntoForms app the user can see what their preferred language selection is, and revert it back to asking when they open a form.

    Multi-Language Data Sources

    Data sources used with the Multi-Language add-on can contain all the languages required by the form(s) referencing its data. This will eliminate having to create and maintain multiple data sources, and therefore reduce issues with versioning, where the Form Designer previously had to ensure that each data source was up-to-date per form language. It's easy to configure in the Form Builder on questions using a data source:

    Multi-Language Conditional Logic

    Being able to create one form that serves multiple languages is already extremely powerful. This will allow not only using conditional logic in multiple languages (i.e. the trigger may be “Yes,” “Oui,” or “Sí” and will trigger correctly based on those answers) but it will also allow the Form Designer to shift the workflow based on what language is selected, if additional information is needed in English over Spanish, for example. This creates a seamless experience for the field user while getting them the context they need, in the language they best understand.


    Multi-Language Documents

    In addition to the above, we’re excited to bring you the first release of multi-language output documents. We’ve made it easier to understand the complexities of font and language support in setting up our Standard Documents, saving you time in understanding and configuring your output to your liking and therefore to your customers’ liking.

    There are three areas that have been enhanced:

    • Our Standard PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML documents can now be fully rendered in the selected language. This brings consistency between what the field user entered and what’s sent via the PDF, Word, or HTML document.
    • XML/JSON Documents now reference translated question text, so both the question and answer text is translated. Key names and Unique IDs are unchanged.
    • Email Data Destinations, that use a standard HTML body, display translated form content.

    The Standard PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML documents are the same output just in different file formats. For these documents, we’ve:

    • Provided functionality to add a language to a document and optionally provide a document translation file.
    • Added functionality for the document to pull question text from the Form translation files.
    • Provided translations for our Metadata labels in all of the Supported Languages for the Multi-Language Feature.

    This diagram illustrates the different sources a document is created from:

    This image shows where different text in an output document comes from.


    Product Documentation

     Please see the updated topics in Multi-Language Feature in our Documentation Portal.

    Erin Longhurst
    Product Manager

  • 2.  RE: More Languages, More Context: Multi-Language Improvements and Documents!

    Posted 09-19-2023 04:24

    Hello @Erin Longhurst,

    Great news! I've already applied it to one of my forms.

    Do you know when it will be available for Customer Forms?

    Thanks a lot



    Alicia Rico
    Johnson Controls

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