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More power in your hands: Conditional Logic’s Optional “Else” statements

  • 1.  More power in your hands: Conditional Logic’s Optional “Else” statements

    Posted 04-05-2023 10:30
    Edited by Erin Longhurst 04-05-2023 11:45

    When ProntoForms first released its best-in-class Conditional Logic functionality, we wanted to make sure it was easy and intuitive to use. We automated the creation of the “Else” statements, or allowed citizen developers and form builders to create custom “Else” statements, because without them, it was possible to get stuck in a situation where field users might lose pre-existing data.

    Since the introduction of conditional logic, we’ve heard from you that there are cases where a conditional logic rule can’t be configured with a meaningful “Else” statement. For example, if you’re resetting or clearing the answers in the “Then” part of the statement, it can be difficult to set up a meaningful “Else” statement, because you don’t want to un-clear the answer. 

    Thanks to your feedback about these use cases, we’ve made it possible to set up conditional logic rules without an “Else” statement.

    The form builder will provide auto-generated “Else” statements by default, so no functionality has changed at base. You can simply click over into “Custom actions” and delete the “Else” statements.

    You can click into Custom actions and delete the Else statements from the list.

    For more information, please refer to the updated topic in our product documentation:

    Building Conditional Logic: "Else"

    Erin Longhurst
    Product Manager

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