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ProntoForms University Level 2 Product Training Released

  • 1.  ProntoForms University Level 2 Product Training Released

    Posted 09-12-2023 15:56

    In May 2023, ProntoForms University launched the Level 1 (L1) self-paced training. It's aimed at giving our customers, the admins responsible for form creation and deployment, their entry into working with the LIVE web platform and mobile app, in an approachable, flexible format.

    We're proud to report that so far, our customers have completed over 1400 modules between the L0 – Onboarding and L1 training.

    Today, we're releasing the next Level 2 (L2) for continued mastery. These next modules focus on key features within the LIVE web platform and mobile app to add value in more complex situations – we explore use cases, customer stories and form attributes that lead to better, cleaner data collection and interconnectivity with systems of record.  

    Our customers send field service workers, engineers, technicians and site inspectors out into difficult places around the world, where important, highly specialized technical work takes place. That's why our tools are designed for service delivery in challenging, front-line, remote, rugged environments – especially oil and gas, heavy manufacturing, HVAC, utilities and energy, medical devices and construction.  

    These are organizations heavily invested in asset management, health and safety, and audit & compliance. The ProntoForms LIVE web portal and mobile app are designed to help the administrators collect data across their landscapes, more efficiently and cleanly than was ever possible using paper-based, or more disparate, systems.  

    Administrators within those organizations are tasked with building and deploying the tools within the ProntoForms LIVE web portal and mobile app to make that all happen. Following L0, L1 and L2 training, they will have the knowledge and skills critical for precise, rigorous field data collection resulting in better audit and compliance adherence and smoother inspection protocols, where precision and attention to detail matter.

    Level 2 (L2) includes: 

    • Timesheets – repeatable sections, geo locations, duration math 
    • Product Quotes – data sources, push data to other fields, calculations, customizing outputs 
    • Approval workflows – dispatch destinations, live updates in SharePoint and Google Sheets 
    • And much more. 

    In support of continued skill-building and sharing, the ProntoForms Community is a hub of creative exchange with like minded individuals across industries, where you may bring your questions to query others for their input. You can read up on other business challenges, interact and chat with other Community members and ProntoForms colleagues to help along in your learning and growth.   

    You may create a free account to access both ProntoForms Community and ProntoForms University at and respectively, these use the same login, which is separate from your usual ProntoForms login.

    Happy Learning!

    Stu Rathbone
    Director - Support & Enablement

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