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Tech Talk: Support - Bulk Dispatch Errors

  • 1.  Tech Talk: Support - Bulk Dispatch Errors

    Posted 05-02-2024 12:28
    Edited by Pat Cooney 05-02-2024 14:45

    TrueContext's Dispatch feature allows for a partially completed form to be directed to the mobile device of a specific user. This feature allows form administrators to fill out customer or job information (like a name, job site, address, and contact information) in a form and then send that form to a mobile user, providing them with essential information, and helping them arrive prepared for their next site visit.

    Bulk dispatching uses a TrueContext generated CSV template to allow administrators to send multiple dispatches out to mobile users at once. This article will look at a common error we see in Support and how to prevent it from happening to you, or, if you see this error, how to fix it.

    When you execute a bulk dispatch for a form, you will know everything was processed correctly if your Dispatch Results screen has the message "Your Dispatches have been processed" and each row of the dispatch table has a green checkmark.

    A green checkmark shows that the form was successfully dispatched to the user in that row.

    Error: Form Submissions failed to dispatch

    If there is an error with your bulk dispatch submission, you will see the following error: "Error, Dispatching complete, however some Form Submissions failed to dispatch." For every user that failed to receive the dispatch there will be a red X in the row for that user.

    Here are some examples of what your Dispatch Results screen may look like if you have an error.

    If you get this error, it shows that there are values in the Bulk Dispatch CSV file that do not match the expected value for the related question's Data Type in the form you are dispatching. For example, if you have a question with the Data Type set to "Phone Number" and try to send a person's name to that question through the Bulk Dispatch CSV file, it will be rejected by the server, and you will get this error.

    To fix this:

    1. Open the Bulk Dispatch CSV file
    2. Review what you have filled out and compare those values against the form to ensure that the dispatch values match the Data Types for the corresponding questions in your form
    3. Correct any mismatches
    4. Save the CSV file, upload it, and re-attempt the dispatch by clicking on the "Dispatch" button

    Note: To prevent duplicate dispatches, please ensure that you remove the rows for any users that had the green checkmark in the previous execution of the bulk dispatch from the Bulk Dispatch CSV file when taking the steps above.

    If you have reviewed the checklist above to ensure that all values are correct but are still experiencing issues with your bulk dispatch, please contact Support to log a ticket, and we will be happy to help you out!

    For more information on how Bulk Dispatching works, please check out our documentation portal:

    Our free, self-guided, TrueContext University has three courses on the Dispatch feature:



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