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The Support Files: Troubleshooting Steps for Common Salesforce Errors

  • 1.  The Support Files: Troubleshooting Steps for Common Salesforce Errors

    Posted 06-01-2023 11:23
    Edited by Pat Cooney 02-06-2024 11:24

    In Customer Support, we sometimes receive tickets about Salesforce errors appearing in Salesforce data destination executions. To resolve most errors, a combination of troubleshooting in both Salesforce and ProntoForms is required. 

    These are the top 5 most common Salesforce errors and how to troubleshoot them: 


    This error occurs when a Salesforce record is created without specifying a field required by the Salesforce object.  

    To resolve this error, ensure that all required fields and any additional fields for the Salesforce object are included in the ProntoForms Salesforce destination configuration.  

    This error can also occur when a downstream Salesforce workflow acts on the object updated by the data destination which expects values in certain fields. 



    This error occurs when a Salesforce record is being created or updated and the fields listed in the destination configuration are non-existent on the Salesforce object.  

    To resolve this error, check the ProntoForms destination configuration so that the Salesforce object field names match exactly with the field names in Salesforce with no spelling or character casing differences. 

    Tip: Use the Describe Salesforce Object link to quickly access the list of fields in the targeted object. 



    This error occurs when ProntoForms tries to update a Salesforce object that the user in the ProntoForms Salesforce connection is not allowed to access.  

    To resolve the error, check the Salesforce object's permissions to ensure that the user defined in the Salesforce connection has the right permissions to update and/or create objects and fields on those objects. You may also want to check the permissions on other Salesforce objects in downstream workflows that rely on the data from the first object's creation or data update.  



    This error occurs when the ProntoForms destination is configured to update or create fields on a Salesforce object where the fields contain custom validation to ensure that data is entered in a particular format.  

    To resolve this error, review the Salesforce object fields configured in the ProntoForms destination and check the same fields on the Salesforce object to determine if the answer in the ProntoForms submission is in the correct format for the Salesforce field validation to pass.  



    This error can occur a) when the value expression in a data destination's Update Query is empty, or b) when a Salesforce Query data source fetch returns no values. 

    To resolve this error, respectively, a) ensure that an answer always populates the value expression in the data destination's Update Query, and b) ensure that there is enough data in your Salesforce organization so that the Salesforce Query data source returns at least one row of data. 

    Tip: When using DREL for value expressions, you can take advantage of the Test DREL functionality described in this article 



    Jesse Collier
    Senior Technical Engineer

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