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  • 1.  The Support Files: Troubleshooting Steps for Common Salesforce Errors Part 2

    Posted 07-13-2023 13:30
    Edited by Pat Cooney 02-06-2024 11:24

    In Customer Support, we sometimes receive tickets about Salesforce errors appearing in Salesforce data destination executions. To resolve most errors, a combination of troubleshooting in both Salesforce and ProntoForms is required. 

    This is part 2 of this earlier Community post about the top 5 Salesforce errors and how to resolve them. 



    This error occurs when the number of API requests exceeds the limit set by Salesforce.  

    To resolve this error, reduce the number of data source and destination requests to Salesforce within a specific timeframe or contact Salesforce Support to increase the API limit temporarily.  

    Tip: Ask your Salesforce Administrator to review the Salesforce API Limits Documentation for your Salesforce instance and to make any necessary adjustments. 



    This error occurs when a Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) query is executed with an empty or an incomplete statement.  

    To resolve this error, ensure the SOQL query is correctly formatted and that there is no unintended whitespace or characters in the query. You can also test the query in the Salesforce Developer Console query editor.  



    This error occurs when the Salesforce object ID field specified in the ProntoForms destination or data source is invalid.  

    To resolve this error, review the destination or data source configuration for the ID that is passed to Salesforce. If DREL is used in the configuration, review the submission's value for the ID passed to Salesforce.  



    This error occurs when inserting or updating a record with a duplicate value in a unique field or when duplication rules are created for the Salesforce object.  

    Tip: Review our Salesforce destination documentation for the best practices when mapping to Salesforce objects. 



    This error occurs when ProntoForms tries to update a Salesforce object that has been deleted in Salesforce.  

    To resolve this error, check Salesforce to ensure that the object ID passed from ProntoForms in the data destination is present and accessible. You may also want to check other Salesforce objects in downstream workflows that rely on the first object's creation or data update. 

    Jesse Collier
    Senior Technical Engineer

  • 2.  RE: The Support Files: Troubleshooting Steps for Common Salesforce Errors Part 2

    Posted 07-14-2023 02:29

    Hello @Jesse Collier,

    thanks a lot. Since I can see those error messages, I can find out more easily what is wrong and fix it. Previously, I had to do a trial and error exercise on each field until I found the problem.

    Great support!

    Alicia Rico
    Johnson Controls

  • 3.  RE: The Support Files: Troubleshooting Steps for Common Salesforce Errors Part 2

    Posted 07-14-2023 13:06

    Thank you Alicia, that means a lot! All of the teams here are working hard to ensure that everyone who touches the product will be able to get up and running quickly and will be able to resolve any issues quickly as well. 

    All the best! 

    Jesse Collier
    Senior Technical Engineer

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