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Field Worker Job Satisfaction

  • 1.  Field Worker Job Satisfaction

    Posted 04-12-2022 13:25

    The Field Service conference is coming up at the end of this month, featuring our very own @Alvaro Pombo giving a keynote address on the first day. With this event coming up it got me thinking. We usually build forms for field workers. What are we doing to make sure we are keeping our field workers working efficiently and smoothly, while also maintaining an elevated level of job satisfaction? 

    The fourth consecutive Voice Of The Field Service Engineer report, published by the Service Council last April, had some interesting findings in it. The least surprising of which was reporting that field workers least favourite part of their job is "Paperwork and Admin." The report also noted that 99.5% of survey respondents said that they use mobile devices in their field service work. Laptops were the most common device, followed by smartphones, and then tablets.  

    From this research, the Service Council "strongly encourages service management to evaluate and implement tools that will help technicians diagnose and repair problems quickly, and complete required documents more efficiently. " 

    What I am curious about is learning how you are setting up your field workers for success. What does your organization do to increase field workers' job satisfaction and efficiency? 

    As it relates to ProntoForms specifically, what are the processes you have in place to gather feedback on the forms you are developing or have dispatched from those using them in the field? How do you then implement the ideas you collect in that feedback? I know that @Russ Halliday and our Product Team would love to know if there are ways in which our product can better facilitate the collection of this feedback? 

    Additionally, how can our Community help you with setting up your field workers for success? Certainly, being able to support you with knowledge and a place to ask questions and share ideas around building forms is one way, but is there something we are not thinking of that could also help your field workers increase their job satisfaction and efficiency? 

    If you would like to read the Voice Of The Field Service Engineer report yourself, you can find it at 


    Pat Cooney
    Community Engineer

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