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  • 1.  Ian's Insights Ep. 6 - Salesforce and Repeatable Destinations

    Posted 03-11-2022 13:56
    Edited by Pat Cooney 02-06-2024 11:38

    Don't tell @Pat Cooney but I was a little late in getting this post out, for good reasons though. I was fortunate enough to get to travel down to San Diego for Field Service Medical and had the opportunity to speak to some of you. A reoccuring theme in my talks at the conference was having the ability to update many different Salesforce objects in one form submission. Salesforce Repeat destinations can help us immensely in this process, being able to use information from a repeat section to create or update many different objects.

    Gone are the days of creating WAY TOO many destinations to account for the repeat section in your form. Gone are the days when you need to limit the number of rows that can be added into your repeat because you knew each row would mean more destinations. Salesforce Repeat Destinations to the rescue.

    In my example today, I have a few different Parts Orders that I need to update the tracking information of (as with all my examples, replace "Parts Order" with "Work Detail" or "Any Salesforce Object") If its an object in Salesforce, we can update it.


    I am just using a simple Salesforce report as my data source with all the columns that I want to include in my form.

    Report: Parts Orders with Work Order 
New Parts Orders with Work Order Report 
Total Records 
From Location 
Alice WonderLand #1 
Alice WonderLand #1 
Alice WonderLand #2 
TO Location 
Alice WonderLand #1 
Alice WonderLand #1 
Alice WonderLand #2 
Work Order: Work Order Number 
Parts Order: Record Type 
Tracking Number 
Parts Order: Order Number 


    I have a single dropdown question which will be looking for the WO# and a repeat section that will contain each of my Parts Orders that are on that work order. You can see from the data above that I have 2 work orders each of them containing 2 parts orders.
    Work Order Information 
Workorder Number 
T Dropdown with options from Data Sources 
e Z Parts Orders 
Part Order Number 
PartOrderNumber: Part Order Number 
To Location 
Location: To Location 
From Location 
Location 1: From Location 
Add questions to a footer to aggregate data and calculate totals for the questions in this section. 

    Using the salesforce report as a data source for the dropdown, we can push all the Parts Orders into the repeat (Ideally, this question would be answered automatically with an app-to-app call from SF or SVMX so your tech doesn't need to worry about it)
    Data Source 
Select Data Source 
SalesforceReport [SF]IParts Orders with Accounts) 
Column displayed in dropdown 
Work Order: Work Order Number 
Hide duplicate options 
Column to use as the answer 
Loading . 
Filter Options 
Use Location-Based Features 
Push Data to Other Questions 
Populate questions in the main form 
Populate questions in a repeatable section 
Repeatable section 
PartsOrders Parts Orders 
Question to populate 
CZ T PartOrderNumber Part Order Number 
c] T Location To Location 
c] T Location I From Location 
T Type Type 
Type or select 
Answer source 
Parts Order: Order Number 
To Location 
From Location 
Parts Order: Record Type 

    I need the tracking information updated so I have added that question to the repeat section as required:

Tracking Information 
T Text field 

    That is all that I am going to configure in my form, but any number of questions can be added to the repeat so that you can update all the required fields in the object.



    With a Salesforce Repeat destination, there are 3 main things that you will need to know to set it up. The Unique ID of the repeat section, the Question Label for the fields you want to update and the question label of the Unique Identifier from a Salesforce perspective (the work order number and  the parts order number)

    Prerequisite: An established connection to Salesforce.

    On the Salesforce Object Fields of your Salesforce destination, the first field is the API name that Salesforce uses to identify the type of object that you need to create or update.

    The fields below are the fields inside the object that you would like to update using answers out of the form. If you are unsure about the API Name of the field in Salesforce, you can use the "Describe Salesforce Object" button to show you a list of all available fields that exist in the object that you specify.

    So for my example, I am updating the tracking number in the RMA Shipment Object in ServiceMax as shown below. This is just 1 example, replace RMA Shipment Order with Contact or the WorkOrder object and you can update multiple of those objects. The possibilities are endless! (maybe exaggerated a little there)

    On the Update Query tab in the destination, this is where you would specify the conditions as to when something is updated. This would generally be pointing to a unique identifier on the source system, in my case I am using the Shipping Order name which holds the number.

    I am using the Part Order Number that is being populated in the form to know what we need to update. If the Parts Order does not exist (which should not be possible at all since we are pulling the data from Salesforce) then it will not use the data on that row.

    The result of the set up above is when the tech pulls in the parts orders into the form, adds in the tracking information for each of the parts orders in the repeat section, each of the parts orders will be updated with the tracking information


    Have you tried out the new Salesforce Repeat destinations in your forms? What kind of objects are you updating?

    Ian Chamberlain
    Implementation Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Ian's Insights Ep. 6 - Salesforce and Repeatable Destinations

    Posted 05-18-2023 01:37


    I have seen this post and and I had a question about it.
    Why is the option "Response Configuration" tab disabled for Salesforce repeatable destinations?
    This feature is esencial to work with salesforce.

    A Case can have 1 or multiple Work Orders.
    A Work Order can have 1 or multiple Work Lines.
    Depending on the line/s added (and here is my repeatable section now), further things need to happen.
    For instance, if you add from Prontoforms a parts line using items from inventory, you need to add a second/dependent record to store allocated quantity of the part in the inventory.
    Without the option "store all response outputs for use in later destinations" that is impossible. Or is there another way to do it?

    Thanks a lot

    Alicia Rico
    Johnson Controls

  • 3.  RE: Ian's Insights Ep. 6 - Salesforce and Repeatable Destinations

    Posted 05-23-2023 09:32

    Hi Alicia, 

    The Response Configuration tab is disabled for Salesforce Repeatable Destinations because there is not one response, but many.  Our current Destination Outputs are not structured to handle multiple responses. I would be happy to submit a feature request for this on your behalf if you would like.


    Pat Cooney
    Community Engineer

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